PeerSat, Where every node is your neighbor
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Where every node is your neighbor

PeerSat is an independent company leading the employment of the best peer-to-peer satellite infrastructure for the efficient delivery of Digital and Internet Protocol (IP) based content. Established in 2001, PeerSat is dedicated to monetizing the inevitable expansion and convergence of Digital, Internet, and Satellite content delivery.

The efficient movement of computer created content from one peer to another peer defines wealth within the current Computer, Satellite, and Information Revolutions. PeerSat strives to assist the incorporation of digital, IP, and other computer technologies into space-based infrastructure, in order to bring customers closer to the node that produces their valuable multimedia content. When every node is truly your neighbor, then customers will be able to affordably view the content they want whenever and wherever they want it. When every node is truly your neighbor, then content owners will be able to economically move their content from the originating peer to the paying peer customer.

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