PeerSat, Where every node is your neighbor
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The Mission of PeerSat is to deliver digital content from one peer to another peer, leveraging satellite technology. This leveraged satellite technology could be:

· Satellites broadcasting digital content to devices
· Use of GPS satellite or other location signals
· Imagery or other digital content generated by satellites

A peer, as defined by PeerSat, is any computing device that can decipher the 1’s and 0’s of digital computer language and a peer has the ability to communicate with another device. A node, as defined by PeerSat, is any peer that is connected to another peer.

All commercial satellite dishes are peers and nodes to the satellite uplink center sending them television. All wireless phones are peers to the PCS tower sending them digital communications and are nodes to the computers sending them voice and data traffic.

The PeerSat Motto, “Where Every Node is Your Neighbor”, simply means that when all people are connected by digital communications devices (peers) that are connected as nodes to a computer network, then it will be cheaper to send digital content to more paying subscribers.

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